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  • Traceability

    We provide various types of equipment amd inspection devices related to Traceability to customers whose produvtion lines are related to material handlling, machining and assembly.

  • "Harmonic Drive ®" Reduction Gears

    We provide Harmonic Drive Systems' reduction gears, which are 'cutting edge' in the motion control world.

  • Factory Automation

    We provide top class products often used in FA related field to customers according to their demand

  • Quality Monitoring System and Measuring System

    We provide products by which TPM activities and improvement in quality, which are often demanded in shop floor, can be attained.

  • Metal Cutting Tools

    We provide cutting inserts and tools for high efficiency machining of all types of materials as well as for deep hole drilling, grinding and hob machining so that we can satisfy customers all kinds of demand.

  • "Loctite" Industrial Adhesives

    As an official distributor of Loctite products that are worldwide famous, we provide technical advice of selecting adhesives and proposal of shifting to adhesives usage.

  • Fine Ceramics

    We provide proposal of fine ceramics from the point of view of VA and VE.

  • OptiMil

    The Cutting Edge in Metal Cutting Optimization

  • "Kanthal" Heating Elements

    We provide flexible services to customers using our long experience in selling Kanthal products, which have been called ideal heating elements, and other related products.

  • Equipment

    We provide all kinds of equipment and devices such as functional components, assembly systems, cleaning systems, transfer systems, environment-conscious equipment and products toward TPM.

  • Electric and Pneumatic Tools

    We provide torque control tools and shut off tools as well as compressors, air hoses and couplings for supplying total products to customers.

  • Environmental Products

    We provide "environment-conscious" products which increase customers' productivity.